What is posteller.com Buyer Protection Means This protection will cover only itemes that are sold or valued under $1000 value only Buyer Protection is a promise to shoppers on Ethiopia that posteller.com will intervene in disputes between buyers and sellers and make things right when they have gone wrong for buyers and the seller has failed to act adequately to resolve the dispute. Buyers that file a successful claim under the program are usually: Issued a refund from posteller.com directly for the full purchase price and shipping amount Required to return the unsatisfactory item to the seller Absolved of any further connection with the transaction or obligation to the seller In rare cases, the buyer may not be required to return the item to the seller but will be refunded anyway. After a decision in a buyer's favor, posteller.com takes responsibility for recovering funds from the seller in question, since the buyer has already been made whole. Items and Buyers Eligible for Buyer Protection Buyers are eligible for for claim their protection plan so long as they: Made the purchase on the posteller.com site Paid through posteller.com using the paypal.com checkout process Made a purchase that is not specifically from protection no other form of payment will be protected like cash money order, check, bank transfer will not be protected Made the purchase within the 45 days preceding the claim Have a good faith dispute with the seller This last point catches unaware. Buyer Protection is not an "unconditional guarantee" or a "no questions asked" refund policy. To win a claim, posteller.com must believe that the buyer fundamentally did not get what they paid for. Some examples that may surprise buyers: If you purchased a product, it was delivered in a timely fashion, and it is substantially the same as other products of the same make/model, posteller.com will not refund you simply because it turns out that you're very dissatisfied with the product. Similarly, a product that is inexpensive and generally recognized to be poor in quality is not likely to be refunded even if it breaks within the first 45 days you have it. A used item purchase is rarely refunded for breakage even if it was originally a high-quality, brand-name item. posteller.com usually rules that previous use has resulted in normal wear and tear and that buyers knowingly take a risk when buying a used item that the item will break soon after purchase. Items that arrive very late, in a condition not matching the description, or with obvious damage or defects (no matter the cause) that were not disclosed in the listing, are generally covered.